Steve is Space


The Voyage

(Album out now)

"The Voyage" is the product of a solitary existence in an new and unfamiliar city, a product of my thoughts in the rain.

The music is inspired by cinematics, lathered in experimental sounds and grooves.

Project Blurb:

This is the music I've created while spending three years living in a new and unfamiliar world. I created this to capture these feelings.

About the Album:

It may seem to be a strange and unfamiliar realm. There are times of relaxation, followed by peaks of energy. While you listen, you may even be internally developing your own stories and scenes for the soundscapes.

How to Listen to this Album:  

Read or write along to it,

Drive long distances to it

Paint or draw to it,

Lay down and relax to it,

Study to it,

Cook and dance in the kitchen to it,

Make love to it,

Think to it.

Create to it.

Feel along with it.

From Space with Love:  


Album Out Now <3


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